Where The Red Fern Grows 21st Century “Illustrated” Citations

In order to help students better visualize and create mental images when they read, we decided to create short multi-sensory illustrations of passages from Where The Red Fern Grows.




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  1. Just found your blog from global collaborations wiki. I am a fourth grade teacher in Colorado. I am planning on having students use podcasting to describe what they are visualizing. Looking at your multisensory illustrations makes me think this would be a good next step… having other students create such an illustration based on someone’s else’s descriptions.

    We are at room24.blogspot.com. I am not thrilled with blogger, how have you found edublogs? I am considering it for next year.

  2. Great way to help students visualize literature. I loved reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” as a child. It brought back memories watching these short videos.


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