Eighth Grade Final Exam

Eighth Grade Final Exam

Topic: What Did You Learn In Eighth Grade English?

What To Do:

Write a five-paragraph essay, (Introduction, three supporting paragraphs and a conclusion) using any examples you like from the following three categories. The essay will be graded on three of the Six Traits: Ideas and Content, Voice and Word Choice. This is not to say that Organization, Sentence Fluency and Conventions are not important, but only the three mentioned will be graded. A rubric will be provided later this week.

I would like a personal, well thought out, account of what you have learned this year. Be honest, clear, and focused. (It’s okay to be emotional) Remember to give examples and details about the things you have identified. I encourage you to share your thoughts or feelings on the process of your learning.

How To Do It:

Your paper should have an introductory, thesis-like, statement that let’s the reader know what the paper will be about. Each paragraph should begin with a supporting topic sentence, and be followed by supporting details. There should also be a closing paragraph to wrap up your thoughts on this year. We will discuss this further in class throughtout the week. I don’t want to assign a length, but I can’t imagine you doing well if you write less than 750 words or about one and a half pages. Use only Times New Roman 12 point font and single space the document.

Here are the three categories to choose from. Remember, you can pick any arrangement you feel comfortable with. For example: you can pick one bullet from each category, or three bullets from one category, or any other random configuration. The three categories are:

• Themes and Essential Questions
• Academic Topics and Standards
• Your growth in the ESLRs

Here is an explanation of these bullets:

1. Themes and Essential Questions:
We have discussed some pretty “heavy” topics this year; I want to know what you walked away with. Here are some thematic and big picture topics:

• The role of the individual vs. conformity
• The power of writing and literature
• The power of control and masses
• The affects of fear on individuals
• Mercy vs. Revenge
• The role of Ambition and Power
• How do writers express conflicts, both internal and external, with psychological and physical needs?
• What is meant by the term ‘poetic language’?
• Why is reading and writing poetry important?
• You can also discuss any personal growth you felt this year as a result of the work you did in this class

(Use the books we have read as examples, but please do not summarize the plots. I want to know what you learned from reading the texts, not a simple recap of the plots.)

2. Academic Topics and Standards:
Give examples of what you learned about. You have seen these before here:

General skills and strategies of the writing process
• Aspects of writing to communicate to different audiences for a variety of purposes
• Grammatical and mechanical conventions in written compositions
• Gathers and uses information for research purposes.
• General skills and strategies of the reading process.
• Reading skills and strategies to understand, interpret, and appreciate in a variety of literary texts
• Reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a variety of informational texts
• Listening and speaking strategies for different audiences and purposes.
• Viewing skills and strategies to understand, interpret, and appreciate media
• Characteristics and components of the media

3. Your growth in the ESLRs

I don’t think I need to list these, but you can find them here or I have also attached a word document with all this information. Please print this document and bring it to the next class. You can also use it on the final itself.


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  1. This is a very interesting way to do this. I am also interested in the list of themes and topics you listed that you have worked with this year in your classroom. Thanks for sharing and well done.

  2. Er, if I am going to write all 3 paragraphs about the ESLRs, then. What kind of a ‘thesis-like, introductory statement’ do I need to write on the introduction?
    Thank you,

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