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Hey everyone!

Please read this article about our friend Mr.Fisher and the work that he, sorry, we are doing. I told you! You are on the cutting edge. People are watching. I can’t wait to see the final product of this project. I am so proud of you guys.

In the meantime, I would love to read some of your comments about this article and the project as a whole. I have listed a few powerful quotes from the article; after you have read the whole thing, please leave a comment or two about your thoughts on- what it said, the TeenLife Project, or the idea of technology as a tool for giving everyone a voice.

These are examples of a new approach to collaborative learning adopted by a handful of teachers in an attempt to bring education into the 21st century.

His combined Grade 7 and 8 class uses a blog to build a personal learning network (PLN) with three other schools in Cartagena, Columbia, rural Virginia, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Online tools help the students to share ideas, send stories and images and even take part in videoconferencing. “The idea was to get kids in each country to look at the concerns of youth and teenagers in other countries,” he explained.

“It’s about getting a kid’s voice out there and giving them an audience. If you write an essay and I’m the only one reading it, nothing grows from that. Over time the ideas die.”

“When you hook kids onto a learning network you get wonderful things you never planned.”

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  1. Hi,
    I’m in Mr. Fisher’s class and he had said to us that if we have time we should post a comment on this post. He read it to us just a few minutes ago and think its weird how it’s rare that many kids are doing this because to us its not that big of a deal but i guess it is now. :)

    If you want to check out the blog post that I wrote about this topic just go to my blog, bye


  2. Hii.
    I am in Mr.Fishers class and he wanted us to comment on your blog. I thought it was amazing how fast that we got on the news. It feels like we are famous. I thought the article that they wrote was amazing. Its funny how you think that all you did was write on a wiki or a blog and then all of a sudden articles are written about you. A lot of the people who write on blogs don’t see how great they are writing untill something like an article is written about you.
    Mr.Fisher had read the article to us a while ago. It was pretty great knowing that they wrote about us and the International Teen Life Project. But anyways, I should go.


  3. Hi,
    My name is Kate and I am in Mr.Fishers class. I think it’s amazing how few people are blogging and how people who don’t know us think it’s a big deal and all when were just flying bye and doing our thing. They think its amazing what we can do but ofr most of us it comes naturally. Other kids could find talent to throuh writing on a blog…they just havent found it yet.

    check out my blog at

    bii :P

  4. Hello,
    Have you ever thought about the impact that the internet and computers have on our learning abilities and like that second last quote is very interesting in my opinion. My thoughts on that are that it is very true our ideas and our writings about many different things go further when it is sitting on the internet instead of the teachers desk it is know there for all to read. And you do get wonderful things that you never expected.

    Signed Elaine (Mr. Fishers class)

  5. I can’t believe how few people have decided to do this project. We’re just doing what we do. It’s simple for those of us in it, don’t think of it as that much. Everyone else is amazed by this, which is what makes it fun for us. I’m happy we got into CBC and hopefully others will be reporting on this project we are doing XD.

  6. Hey

    I’m in Mr. Fishers class and was reading you’re post it is really amazing thing that almost everyone in the world can see are thoughts and ideas and that were able to share them. I like the idea you put “the idea of technology as a tool for giving everyone a voice” and thought how true it is for everyone.


  7. Hi Mr. Raisdana,
    I’m a student at Mr. Fisher’s class and I thought this post was really interesting. I think that it is good that we are setting an example for other classes in other places to start blogging because it is a really good thing to get into. It also teaches you a lot even though some people might disagree with me. I think it’s also interesting that so many people are watching and reading our blogs and giving us lots of publicity.

  8. I think that this ITL Project is really wonderful. I find it amazing how we made it this far in this project because we are working together, as a team, and we are located in different places all over the world. Also, I think that this project is important because if/when we finish this project, it will blow everybody out of the water. Maybe if we accomplish our goal of the ITL Project, other classrooms will do the same thing or something else similar to that, allowing for the classroom to grow, their voices would be heard, and other opportunities would be limitless.

    Comment by:
    Derek, from Mr.Fisher’s class.

  9. Hey,
    I’m Ashley.M from Mr.Fishers class. I think that is awesome that we got put on the CBC news. So many people are checking out our blogs and maybe your guys blogs too! I dodn’t realize how many people can get to these things and just find them out of no where. I think that is great that they wrote about the bloging and the international teen life project. It’s not just us that got put on there it was you guys too. The international teen life project is all of us not just one group!:)


  10. Hi =)

    I just finished reading that article, so I decided to leave you a comment about it.

    The article said a lot about how technology changes how we talk to other people around the world. Now, we are actually able to, and anyone can use their voice around the world, by simple things like blogging, wikis, and websites. You don’t have to be famous anymore to be heard by other people.

    As for the ITL Project, I think it’s really cool how we can communicate with other people around the world in such an easy way. We may not be able to sit down and chat with them like we would in a classroom, but we do have our ways to communicate with them, which is always good. This project really teaches people a lot about that.

    Technology gives everyone a voice because now you can say whatever you want online and anyone around the world can read it. You don’t have to be famous and give a huge, world-wide presentation to people to be heard; all you have to do is write what you want to say online using blogs, wikis, or websites. Anyone can be heard by anyone.

    Anyways…keep up the great blogging. I’ll be sure to check back to see if there’s any updates with the ITL Project.


  11. Hello!

    I’m from Mr. Fisher’s class. Seems like a lot of people are coming here. Haha! Well I just wanted to agree with my friend, Mike. I really like the quote saying “the idea of technology as a tool for giving everyone a voice”. People do spend a lot of time on computers but others, like us, use it to Communicate and get to know one another, Contact each other and Share information together. CCS. Who ever said computers aren’t useful?
    Well, have to go now. Class time. Bye.


  12. Hello this is Toni from Mr. Fisher class.

    I am really enjoying the Teen Life project I think that it is a lot of fun and a really good learning experience. I think that it is cool that we are able to do this when we live so far a part. The technology I today’s society allows us to do some pretty amazing things. Well I can’t wait to see the finished projects. :)


  13. Hello,

    When I had finished reading that article, it really started to realize how signifigant our work that we are doing is and how we wouldn’t have been able to do it with out all the help of our teachers. You, and all the other teachers involved with this project have been great in getting my and my fellow students started on this project. Learning like this beats normal school work any day. Ask any kid involed in this project and you will get the same answer. This project makes learning fun and more mind expanding in many ways!

    Well anyways, keep up with your awesome teaching =) and don’t give up on your dream of bringing learning into the 21st century!


  14. Hi Iam from Mr. Fisher’s class and he wanted us to comment on his about the article. I think it very weird that not many people are doing this too. I think it is a good idea though that we are doing this with any different people around the world. So bye

  15. Hello

    Im from Mr.Fisher’s class. I read the article and I think that it’s awesome that we are on cbc news. I find it kind of funny that people are so amazed at what we are doing because it’s nothing new, people think it’s amazing that we can do this stuff but to us it’s just what we have to do. We left blogs before, now it’s just to people from other areas. But it is fun talking with you guys and working with you.


  16. HI,
    My name is Dustin, from Mr. Fishers class, I like how we are on the CBC news so fast. It really amazed me, I think it is cool how you guys and CBC are talking about us… and how fast it travels when you have a blog, because all the people that can read it, and then they tell their friends or something like that.

  17. Wow. That is so awesome!

  18. Omg. This is SO COOL. I hope many teachers all around the world would see this article so that they would encourage their students to start blogging/wikiing, etc. and they can start communicating with other schools in other countries. That will be really great. It is not THAT hard, I mean we live in 21st century. -,,- Technology is one way to communicate most effectively now. haha.

    -SARAH :)

  19. Being publicly noticed for the work we are doing is truly a wonderful feeling. The Teen Life Project is such a great experience, and to add to this great exxperience, we are being encouraged by the media for the work we are doing! People will start taking our example and start interacting with other countries. Education itself has taken a giant leap, and we are a part of the transition because of the project we have started to do. I would like to say how proud I am to be part of this project, and this method we have started to use — how to communicate with different perspectives relating to the same purpose.


  20. I’m the principal at Mr. R’s school and I just happened to check out the cbc article and your blog. I’m curious to know more about the what specifically you are learning from each other. From your posts I sense the excitement but would like to hear more about your experiences with Teen Life. What are the similarities and differences in your concerns?

    I’m becoming an “audience member” and I plan to keep up with your progress.

    Dr. BP

  21. Wow I did not realize how big this project was getting. At first i thought it would be some small project that no one really knew about but now there is an entire article. Fantastic.


  22. I didn’t realize that what we are doing as homework assignments is making such a big impact. People seem really impressed about what we are doing. Now that I realize people are actually reading what we are writing I will defiantly put more thought into what I post. This backs up what Mr. Fisher said “It’s about getting a kid’s voice out there and giving them an audience.”

  23. I was pretty amazed when I found out that we had made the news since this project is just a common research and presentation assignment. The only difference, which is pretty large, is the fact that we’re working with students around the globe that we’ve never met. I’ve never done anything like this before and I think that it’s great how we get to learn about lifestyles and interact with people in different places.

  24. I wouldn’t have thought that the Teen Life project made it to the CBC. I mean, this is just an unsophisticated group project that sort of connects other people from around the world. All I can say is, amazing..

    Ann Nee

  25. Wow, this thing is bigger than I thought. I had no idea that a small little blogging unit like this could expand and become an international project that’s in the news. I guess we really are making an impact on people. I think it’s great that people are taking notice about the things we’re doing, because it only makes this whole technology idea stronger. No matter where we are in the world (and half-way at that), we can still make an entire project that actually means something. I can’t say I’ve done something like this before, and I’m really excited as to how it’ll turn out.

  26. This is what the mentality of people. So what if we are still kids. Still this is really cool how we are on the news there


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